1. Now is the time to INVEST in Norwalk.

We MAY be a little bias as we live here (ha ha) but 2018 has demonstrated a building boom with so many economic projects underway, some completed & many currently approved. These plans & projects will transform the city over the next 10 years.


  1. Major Active/Proposed Developments. 

South Norwalk Train Station Development Approved

East Norwalk Train Station Development Approved

South Norwalk Mall Development – Bloomingdale’s & Nordstrom’s Signed Anchor Tenants

South Norwalk – Washington Village Development

Waypointe – Central Norwalk Development

Head of the Harbor South – Wall Street Area Development

Head of the Harbor North – Wall Street Area Proposed Development

South Norwalk Hotel Development by Marriott

Central Norwalk $100mm Health Center Planned Development

Highpointe Development (Corner of High Street & North Ave.) Central Norwalk

East Norwalk 198-200 14 Unit Multi-Family Development

Historic Silvermine Tavern into Gray Barns

Historic Wall Street Theater Renovated

South Norwalk Retail Real Estate Mall Development


  1. Did we get your attention?  Considering a move to Norwalk & want more information about these projects?  Please feel free to COMMENT/SHARE or CALL us to further discuss – remember, your local expert knows best. Interested in receiving a full comprehensive & detailed project list? Please provide us with your email address & phone number and we will gladly expedite your request in a Norwalk minute.


  1. You want Predictions?  Would you like to know our professional opinion on “pockets of value” for real estate investment growth?  Okay, we’ll let you in on one. EAST NORWALK specifically South of 5th Street which in our opinion will see tremendous long term growth. Our rationale and vision of this prediction is simple. Over the last decade we experienced a low interest rate environment which yielded neighborhood town/communities such as Rowayton/Bell Island & Westport Compo beach areas to borrow money at low cost and expand square footage thus pricing out many of those buyers looking for waterfront communities with easy com-mutability. East Norwalk is one of the last frontiers.  What are you waiting for?? CALL US for more neighborhood pocket of value predictions.

Living in East Norwalk is a waterfront community lifestyle


Current Norwalk Real Estate Trends. Over 80 percent of our buyers are currently New York City transplants hence our tag line of “Connecting Fairfield County Sellers with New York City Buyers”.  In addition, we are seeing a trend of local clientele downsizing and moving to Norwalk from New Canaan, Wilton & Weston.  Many of these affluent town transplants are getting ahead of the SALT tax (State & Local Tax Deduction – limits to $10,000) which will deeply affect many tax bills once they file 2018 returns.  Stay tuned….


6.  Norwalk Neighborhoods of Interest? We have you covered and the comprehensive list of neighborhoods in Norwalk are: Rowayton, Silvermine, Cranbury, East Norwalk, West Norwalk, South Norwalk, Central Norwalk etc.  If you are a pet lover you will find Norwalk is a pet friendly town and has quite a few great dog parks such as Rowayton Dog Park, Taylor Farm and Cranbury Park to name a few.  Give us a call so we can understand your needs and pinpoint the perfect neighborhood for YOU!


  1. Fun loving, down to earth Norwalk living. We love Calf Pasture Beach and taking long walks.  Sometimes competition heats up over at Norwalk Cove with the Marina Mini Golf center.  You can guess who wins.  Over the last 10 years the beach has come a long way with so many culinary upgrades like Ripka’s).  Speaking of Ripka’s, during the summer in collaboration with the Norwalk Seaport Association they put on killer clam bake’s at nearby Sheffield Island! YUM. The ferry to Sheffield Island is taken directly from South Norwalk – only a 30 minute jaunt!


  1. Restaurants.  If anyone knows the Norwalk “real estate” restaurant scene it’s us.  We’ll start off with three best kept secrets (at least we think they are) only us locals know about.  Below are our go-to dining spots. Need more? Text/call or email us… we know them all.

Village Gourmet – Hands down best Chinese in town and it’s BYOB (no cork fee)!  If you haven’t been there it’s a must.  It’s hidden off the beaten path off Chestnut Hill Rd. Where the old Gregory’s used to be… now IGA (grocery store).

Partners Cafe – Such an East Norwalk Gem that takes you back in time.  Won’t go broke either.  Whether you are looking for just pizza and beer or a great entree it can’t be beat.  Our favorite entree is the Pork Chop “Italiano” – you won’t believe the portion size!

Knot Norms – Hat’s off to their success.  It’s just what the East Norwalk neighborhood needed.  Plus the owner is cool too.  Cool enough to hang one of our beautifully restored Victorian East Norwalk listings in his storefront window.  You can check out the listing at www.54coveave.com

Sunset Grill – Our summer time spot with killer summer time vibes.  There’s just no place like it around.  Great live music with lively staff.  Nothing like texting our bartender friends Brian, Eric and Tim, prior to arriving so a cold refreshment is ready & waiting.  Now that’s service!

The Restaurant at Rowayton SeafoodWant to feel like you are in Nantucket?  Go there.  Heck you may even run into us.  Located on the five mile river with water views and outdoor dining it’s a must.  Fun staff.

The Spread/El SungundoJust when you thought the evening was over this is where the evening heats up in South Norwalk.  Known these guys for years and we commend their success! Amazing gourmet food and a DJ spinning hot spot late night.

Sunset Grill Summer Lifestyle Living in East Norwalk


  1. Got a commute?  If you are moving to Norwalk and haven’t commuted yet it’s a breeze.  You have three train stations which are East Norwalk, South Norwalk (main hub) and Rowayton.  We prefer South Norwalk.  Make sure to download the “On-Time” App and the “MTA-eTix” App.  It will make your life easier.  Trust us.  After the hour commute ride you arrive into the fabulous Grand Central Station where you feel the energy of NYC.  Depending on where you are going and if new to the commuter game make sure to learn the tunnel system – which will decrease your door to door travel time. Now for the train ride home….whenever that is.  Sorry to say but the bar car is no longer – our fingers are crossed with the hopes of a return!  Enjoy your trip home.


  1. Family Time With the Kids.  Beach days are a must during the summer but there are so many other attractions worth your while such as the Maritime Aquarium (it’s open all year).  Annual attendance averages 500,000 visitors, about 100,000 of those visitors are from New York State.  Now you can see why we created a real estate platform of “Connecting Fairfield County Sellers with New York City Buyers”.  After going through the aquarium check out the IMAX Theater next door.  Another spot to take the kids is “My Three Sons” off of Wall Street in the downtown area. There is plenty of parking at the nearby Yankee Doodle Garage.  Last but not least to end the day there is Stepping Stones Museum which isn’t your ordinary children’s museum.  It is located in Mathews Park behind the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion, yet another museum worth seeing. Plenty to do, plenty to explore!


  1. Ready To Move To Norwalk Or Another Fairfield County, Connecticut Location? If you are considering moving to Norwalk we would welcome the opportunity to work with you whether you are looking to buy or rent.  There are many great neighborhoods in Norwalk and we can be your educators.  In addition, we do cover all of Fairfield County. There are many online websites that claim to be local but they are not.  Call US, the local experts and let us help you lead the way. We look forward to working with you.  Are you convinced yet?  Call 203-246-5936 and let’s get you packing!



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