Norwalk Connecticut Beaches – Where, Why & What To Do.

Here to visit Norwalk Beaches?  You’ve come to the right place.  We’re locals so we should know, right?!  Whether you live here or are visiting the Norwalk Beach scene there are many things to do not only at the beach but within the Norwalk Cove Marina which is adjacent to Calf Pasture Beach.  As we all know there is nothing better than spending the day at the beach.  It’s one of our favorite things to do.  We’re not sure if it’s unfortunate or fortunate that we don’t have as much time as we would like as real estate is 24/7 but we wanted to provide you an easy go to guide on things to do while spending your day at the beach.  Make sure to bring your reading material or if you are interested in economic development in Norwalk and what us locals do read our story on Why The Time is Now to Invest in Norwalk.


  1.  Question Is… Which Norwalk Beach Do You Go To?  Well you have a couple of options which are Calf Pasture Beach and Bayley Beach (Roton Point) which is in Rowayton.


Calf Pasture Beach Entrance               Roton Point- Bayley Beach Entrance


Since we love history so much below are a couple of links that will provide background history of both beaches.


2.  How Do I Get To The Beautiful Beaches?


Calf Pasture Beach



Bayley Beach


3.  How Much Does It Cost To Get Into The Beaches?

  • Calf Pasture Day Parking Passes are as follows:
    The non-resident parking fee is $30/car on weekdays before 5:00pm.
    $35/car on weekends & holidays before 5:00 pm.
    $10/ car every day after 5:00pm.
    Parking passes maybe purchased at the park entrance.
    If you are a city resident or property owner you have access to a free annual beach pass through the Town of Norwalk.


  • Roton Point – Bayley Beach Passes:                                                                                                     The non-resident fee to access Bayley Beach is $40 per car for special events, $25 per car on    weekends/holidays and $20 per car on non-holiday weekdays. Walks in are $10 per person      or $25 per family.


4.  Finally At The Beach?  Now What?   We’ve got you covered with a bulleted list below.  First let’s start off with Calf Pasture Beach.

  • Beach options once in the park consist of Shady Beach (where the grills are located), Calf Pasture which is in front of Ripka’s Beach Cafe and Sandy Stretch Beach where the launch ramp is located on the south side of the park.  We personally like this beach since it is usually less crowded.  Great spot to watch boats coming into the Cove channel during sunset.

Sandy Stretch Beach Watching the Skyline Princess Entering the Channel


  • Is it time to eat yet?  If you didn’t bring food there are two great options which is Ripka’s Beach Cafe and On Board Cafe (OBC).  For early morning walks we always hit OBC for either hot or iced coffee depending on our mood.  During the afternoon Ripka’s has a great selection of sandwiches, salads and a killer raw bar.  We always do the shrimp cocktail.

Ripka’s Beach Cafe                                                  On Board Cafe (OBC)


  • Time to site see and walk off that lunch?  A good place to start which is in front of Ripka’s is a massive 35 ton circular steel concrete sculpture which was shaped by artist Peter Lundberg years ago in New York City.  Great place to take a photo of the family or even a selfie.  For more information here is the story in The Hour about the sculpture.

Multi-ton Circular Sculpture


  • Next on the list take a stroll out to the William Clark Fishing Pier for some photo-ops and take a look at the Norwalk, Islands which are a chain of more than 25 islands.

William Clark Fishing Pier.  Make sure on the walk to the pier you keep off the rocks!


  • On your way back from the pier head south past the launch ramp on sandy beach west toward the Shea-Magrath Memorial.  We thank them for their service.

Shea-Magrath Memorial


Norwalk Sailing School.  Great place to put your kayak or paddle board in the water.


  • Across from the sailing school there are baseball/softball fields and a skateboard park.

Skateboard Park


  • Kids want to play?  The Sounds Fun Playground and water park are located in front of Calf Pasture Beach.


  • Up for a game of miniature golf?  After the playground walk the kids over for a game of mini golf at the Norwalk Cove Marina which is a hop skip and a jump.


  • Nothing like a full day at the beach.  Now for dinner options.  If you brought your cooler, food and charcoal you can utilize the the grills on Shady Beach.  Or if you are like us you’ll just go to Sunset Grille in the very south side of the Norwalk Cove Marina pass the mini golf.  Once you arrive in your flip flops and you hear the live music going it’s a sunset time that can’t be beat.  Also don’t forget about the Norwalk Summer Concert Series Wednesday nights on the beach.

As soon as you turn into the Norwalk Cove Marina follow the signs for the best sunset in town


  • Did we show you a good time at Calf Pasture Beach?  Hope so.  Now let’s move onto Bayley Beach.



5.  Roton Point – Bayley Beach.


  • Most people that are from out of town don’t even know this beach exist.  Hard to believe from the late 1880’s through the early 1940’s this was a major destination for New Yorker’s to visit as steam ships had scheduled routes to Roton Point Amusement Park.  What a time it must have been to ride a roller coaster that overlooked the water.  Still to this day the original roller coaster platform exist used now as a common picnic area.


  • Beautiful views and great sunsets.


  • Game of basketball?  Off to the left of the parking lot is a full court where you can pick up a game or two.


  • Grilling and picnic area.  Grills are provided so feel free to bring your coolers, charcoal and food of choice and make a day out of it.


  • Most importantly don’t forget the Concert Series held by the Rowayton Civic Association.  Over the years we have seen some amazing acts so don’t miss out.

Bayley Beach Labor Day Weekend Concert Series Blue’s Travelers Performs


  • Finished for the day and don’t feel like grilling out?  Head to Rowayton Seafood the overlooks the five mile river.  It’s what we do.  One of the best seafood restaurants around.


  • This concludes our days at the beach.  There is one we left out.  It’s secret and it’s free.  Guess you’ll just have to call us to find out.


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