Results in a SALE. JUST SOLD! It’s a thrilling day for our clients and us… and a great story as to how Dillard Realty reached our clients’ goal – A SALE. Before Dillard Realty was hired, this gorgeous direct waterfront home was on the market for 2 years with 1 private showing & no offers. When Dillard Realty was hired, we knew the home was sale worthy but it just needed to be marketed in a different manner – we needed to make more of an online presence (exposure) while showing just how accessible the property really is to our closest cities, NYC, etc. We called our client one day and said, you know that expression “go big or go home”? Yesssss, he said. Well, let’s go big. We are going to land a helicopter on your property to show how easily accessible this private seaside retreat is for business commuters. And that’s what we did. In 5 months we had 7 showings and an ACCEPTED OFFER. Happy Day! Check out our hero online image that put us in #1 position for online views #standout #gobig #setyourselfapart #clientlove #SOLD #seasideretreat #hiretheexperts #outsideboxthinking #marketing #priceright #listingsold #dillardrealtyteam #kellerwilliamsrealty


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Nathan & Gloria Dillard

Nathan & Gloria Dillard

Dillard Realty

Real Estate Team focused on Fairfield County Connecticut buyer, seller and investor needs by connecting Fairfield County Sellers with New York City buyers. Connecting the dots thru NYC private banks & real estate company platforms.

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