This Norwalk property was the talk of the town once it hit the market as a foreclosure in December 2017. We saw the listing and reached out to our NYC network and brought forth a NYC buyer. He will be renovating 54 Cove Ave and back to its original glory as a beautiful Victorian single family residence.  In 6-8 months we will be listing the property for sale. In the coming weeks, be sure to follow Dillard Realty on Instagram (DillardRealty_TeamCT) on #transformationtuesdays to follow our renovation progress! Coming soon…54 Cove Avenue.

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Nathan & Gloria Dillard

Nathan & Gloria Dillard

Dillard Realty

Real Estate Team focused on Fairfield County Connecticut buyer, seller and investor needs by connecting Fairfield County Sellers with New York City buyers. Connecting the dots thru NYC private banks & real estate company platforms.

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